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Hava Cube


Hava Cube®

HavaCube® invent, create, build and sale ultimate and singular Humidors for
Cigars, each Humidor is unique!
Made in Paris, the HavaCube was developed by Vincent Loret, who created a
storage unit that includes both temperature control and a humidification
system that he designed and patented.

The project took 14 years for Loret to bring his first model, the Cube, to market
in 2004 and was followed by the MiniCube in 2006 and MicroCube in 2006-2007.

The Cube holds up to 800 cigars and stands 45 inches tall, Minicube up to 500
cigars (27 inches tall) and MicroCube is designed for 200 cigars and stands 21
inches hight. All models feature a 3/4-inch-thick glass door and have a temperature
and humidity control panel that can be seen without opening the humidor.

The HavaCube
® program is unique in that the humidification system doesn't need to be refiled for up to an entire year! (6 months for MicroCube) And while the interior features the expected Spanish Cedar, the exterior is covered in a choice concreate, Art painting, Art design, cow, ostrich or crocodile leather in your choice of 30 colors!

Said Loret referring to Ferraris :

A model like Dino 206 GT 1967 is always a good investment and when you get one you can't during all your life sell it because it's a singular model! "

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